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Why We Collect Information from You

Sebco Property Pvt Ltd., is a real estate information service. To provide our Services, we use the information we collect to:

Help you find the most relevant information for your situation by customizing our Services to optimize your experience; Keep you connected with Sebco Property Pvt Ltd., across the internet and update you with residential real estate-related news and information; and Put you in touch with the right people to sell, buy, rent, or research residential real estate, obtain a mortgage, and to optimize the information we share with those parties to initiate a productive and efficient relationship.

Our goal in this policy is to be completely transparent about the data we collect, why we collect it, and how we use it, in order to make finding your new home a pleasant and fun experience!

To Whom Does This Policy Apply

Some parts of this Policy are directed at specific types of people. We use some special terminology to refer to them, which we define below. This Policy applies to everyone who uses our Services, but sometimes we direct parts of it toward particular groups of users.

Users: "Users" are everyone who uses our Services.

Real Estate Professionals (REPs): "Real Estate Professionals," or "REPs" are users who have created accounts (free or paid) with us to sell or rent real estate, participate in our advertising services, and participate in other Services that we direct toward the professional real estate community. REPs include landlords, agents, developers, institutional property consultants, mortgage professionals and subscribers. We send leads to REPs on your behalf, as described in this Policy.